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Imagine speaking naturally dictating your thoughts, to-dos, or ideas on the go whenever your inspiration spikes.Voice Inbox captures everything you said with human-level accuracy, saving them to your git-based journal, allowing you to focus on expressing yourself and then on the tasks at hand.

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Voice Inbox is created
with the belief in
the longevity of
plain text
and the importance of
owning your data


(Reading the book Getting Things Done)David: "The inbox acts as a mental repository, allowing individuals to clear their minds…"
Voice Inbox: (added the notes as a new commit to your journal)


Nik: "It's time for a checkup, I just scheduled an appointment with the doctor on next Friday."
Voice Inbox: (appointment added to your Calendar)

Plain text


- 11:00 I got a new idea about...
- 14:00 The inbox acts as a mental repository, allowing individuals to clear their minds...
- 15:00 It's time for a checkup, I just scheduled an appointment with the doctor on next Friday.

Voice Inbox


  • Why do I need this?

  • While plain text and git are powerful tools that make excellent companions, handling git on mobile devices can be challenging. When it comes to capturing information, minimizing cognitive load is crucial. Voice Inbox is specifically designed to address this need.

  • Why plain text?

  • Plain text ensures that your data outlasts many applications, its proven longevity guarantees that your data remains future-proof.

  • Is it something like Siri?

  • Where is my journal?

  • How data is handled?

  • Privacy is one of the core values at Voice Inbox. We do not sell any user data because we respect your privacy and focus solely on our own business, not yours.

  • Data is stored locally on your devices whenever feasible. In cases where this isn't technically viable, we minimize retention to the greatest extent and promptly dispose of it. If you are curious, no one's journal or notes will be kept on any of our servers, because again, that's not our business.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Voice InboxInformation Collected:
Voice Inbox only collects user-provided data during the "Sign In with Apple" process, including the user's name and email address.
Usage of Collected Information:
The collected data is solely used for facilitating the sign-in process, ensuring a secure and seamless experience within the app. No data is shared, sold, or used beyond this scope.
Security Measures:
Voice Inbox employs industry-standard security measures, including the "Sign In with Apple" mechanism, to protect user data.
User Control and Choices:
While users can obfuscate email addresses, we recommend against it for optimal functionality.
Updates to Privacy Policy:
This policy may be updated to comply with laws or reflect changes in our practices. Users will be notified of significant changes.
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